CG Previz Storyboards
Snippet of Metroid fan film "Last Bird"

Snippet of Short "En Garde"
This portfolio is specifically made to showcase combining hand-drawn storyboards and CG pre-viz to be used in pre-production.
For the portfolio specifically detailing storyboard work, go to the Story Portfolio.

CG environments use community-created meshes. Proper credits are at the bottom of the page. 
Scene without hand-drawn storyboards (only CG)
Example of rough pass of storyboards
Showcase of environment and rig use. The rig was only made for reference on character design using Vroid Studio and blender. 
More examples of CG Previz focused on mood
Dragon Roar
Scene without hand-drawn storyboards (only CG)
Showcase of CG
Example of using CG Backgrounds on the show genLOCK
CG Meshes credits

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