"Last Bird"
A Metroid Fan Animatic
Behind the scenes art of the coming Metroid Fan Animatic. Focused on cinematic high action and suspense.
Sneak Peak
Shots subject to change
More Cinematic Shots Previews
The animatic will use 3D models for the backgrounds. CG pre-viz is a common usage on storyboards and you can see samples of how I use that technique on my CG portfolio: click here.
Character Art
Exploration for Samus and original Chozo character for animatic. This is not intended to be a clean pass for character design but simply a loose pass to reflect energy and attitude for reference in storyboards.
Beatboard for story moment
Excerpt from the previous version of Animatic
The following is a sample of an older version of the animatic which has been scrapped. While cool, a newer darker and scarier tone was preferred. Will also have entirely new compositions. Elements from it are being used in the newer one.
Thumbnail Pass Excerpt
Some examples of the thumbnail pass used in the animatic. Read Top to bottom then left to right.
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More Exploratory Art

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