Story Portfolio
Excerpt of "En Garde" (anime inspired action-sport short)

Excerpt of the Fencing storyboard short "En Garde". Storyboards use CG Previz for the backgrounds and sometimes characters combined with hand-drawn animation. For more information on the Previz and design process, click here for the CG Previz Storyboards Portfolio
Example of hand-drawn rough pass.
Example of thumbnail pass (top to bottom/left to right).
Showcase of both the writing process and translating the outline to storyboards. Using an "Umbrella" system helps determine the emotional arcs of every character.
Excerpt of "Last Bird" A Metroid Fan Film
More information and behind the scene can be found at the film site.
Excerpt of "Bwandon Pwesents"
(Anime Inspired Comedy)

Short directed by me based on my podcast  "What the Fungeon" 
gen:LOCK - Property of roosterTeeth (Scifi Action) 
Episode 7 - Kick Off
Dragon roaring 
Quick example to showcase more Storyboard + CG Previz. More info on the CG Previz Portfolio
G.I. JOE Video Game Cutscene- Property of Hasbro

Fight choreography with comic book cinematography
gen:LOCK - Property of roosterTeeth (Scifi Action) 
Episode 7 - conference scene - rough Pass
KindiKids - Show on AwesomenessTV (Preschool cartoony comedy)
Episode 02
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